Saturday, May 20, 2006

NFL fraud

I loved the NFL because it was the best pro sport in the world. It was underrated with stressed out coaches and underpaid athletes. For years there were rumors and all kinds of unfair finger pointing about the game being fixed. I want to tell you that the NFL wasn't doing anything during the 70s' and 80s' until they agreed to let big marketing firms in that have ruined the best sport on earth. This blog is about open talks and arguments about the NFL; whether it is fixed or not, if you don't want to discuss it or then have a nice day, if you are curious then I would like to hear from you. I am going after something big, what I wouldn't have even believed could be but I now know is true. And I am going to try and tell my side and prove it; I want the NFL to play honest games even if my favorite team stinks it can improve with work and wise spending-It isn't fun trashing the NFL after all the great games, parties and friends I have made through them but this is about not being a victim of corporations and greedy NFL people who are destroying the game and scaming fans out of millions of dollars.

What I want is to do some things and here is my list.

  1. expose the greedy people behind the game fixing and NFL's connections to right wing politicans who are giving NFL big money for chance to influence business and even games.
  2. try to explain to football fans what "parity" meant for Rozelle and what new NFL execs really mean by "parity".
  3. expose government agencies for not warning fans about dangers at public sporting events.
  4. show fans how teams are picked win lose and go to the superbowl
  5. show fans how this happened and what they can do to stop this scam
  6. give information on profits made by NFL.

1. NFL is legally fixing games

2. forcing good teams to lose.

3. giving corporations control of the league.

4. getting kick bakcs from government employess who give the league money and big business connections

5. punishing some owners who won't go along through NFL execs by preventing their teams from reaching the playoffs much less winning enough games. (I bet you can guess what two owners are at the top of this list-there are five teams who don't like this agreement).

Pete Rozelle's legacy and his "parity".

Pete Rozelle wanted profits and honest games. "parity" was supposed to give weaker teams a chance to compete with the top teams in the league. It didn't work, why?, because top teams (Oakland, Dallas, Pittsburg and Green Bay) had dominating personnell departments and coaches who treated players with loyalty. Not only did they draft talent, they motivated players which seperated them from other teams. Rozelle had his best success with "parity" in the 80s' when the 49ers, Eagles, Bengals, Giants, Bills, Bears and Patriots made their first superbowls but it didn't last; dynasties started and "parity" was gone again. Maybe there wasn't true parity but the games were exciting with some of the best superbowls in the league's history.

Pete Rozelle did many other good things for the NFL with the help of other talented and smart people. He bought in the new era, not these greedy new NFL execs, he helped get television and other revenue sharing to put money into other projects and started a security department to protect the NFL from organized crime. Rozelle resigned in 1989.

The new guys on the block.

The new NFL execs in the 90s' took over after Rozelle retired, and promised to try and bring parity. They knew ratings and game attendance would keep going down if something wasn't done, they tried:

  1. 1. plan B free agency
  2. a new salary cap
  3. expanded rosters

It didn't work 49ers, Bills and Cowboys dominated the NFL. Fans got bored people stayed home, because they knew by mid season it was going to be Buffalo, 49ers or Cowboys. new NFL execs knew fans wanted to see other teams in the playoffs other than these three. they decided to bring in people with big ideas, marketing firms, listened to old NFL people, bought in corporated accountants and advisors. as the 90s' moved the NFL had better entertainment at the game and on NFL sponsored shows. Comedians, actors and singers played at more half time events, sports networks and television stations got contracts with the NFL on broadcasting and sponsoring rights, expansion teams were addded (Browns, Jaguars and Panthers) and developmental leagues were created to develop players- it looked like the NFL would be fun to watch on t.v. and at the game.

What went wrong?

49ers kept dominating, Bills were only serious AFC threat, Cowboys were talented enough to dominate into the new centure. An AFC team hadn't won a superbowl since (Raiders '83). something had to be done. The NFL bought in corporate marketing firms and soon they would get control of NFL offices. Corporations started making deals with the NFL, not just about money but control and misuse of power, some of these marketing corporations and their powerful friends bought superbowls because that city or state's fan would spend more than another would or the image fit corporate marketing schemes. there are more and more corporations-not NFL officials running the NFL now. but for this to get started there was one thing that had to work - "PARITY!" the dynasties had to go.

What did they do?

Corruption from 1996, start of competition committee and destruction on NFL dynasties Dallas and San Francisco in order to have “parity” scam you see today. The way the NFL forced the Cowboys to lose to the Panthers and shamefully gave the Jaguars a playoff spot. NFL started fixing some games for ratings and to lead to help expansion teams boost future t.v. ratings, since that time the NFL has gotten greedier and the situation if far worse than 1996. Eddie DeBartolo was kicked out of the NFL not because of working with known gamblers (that’s a years suspension and a fine) but because he refused to share profits and lose games to bring “parity” to the NFC Western Division. here is how they did it:

the first dyansty to go- Dallas Cowboys, even without Jimmy Johnson Dallas had talent from the players to managment. NFL execs used the FBI, local police and press to lasso this team. players actions got them into to trouble and I won't make excuses but other teams were being ignored while the NFL focused on this team. 1996 I the press, local police and so-called NFL security department harrassed this team so much that the Cowboys were stressed into cooperating. The arrests and rumors were designed to cause problems in the lockeroom. Referees gave them a hard time during that season.

They were told to lose to Carolina (NFC playoff game) and forced when the owner wouldn't cooperate. hey, I believe a week team can beat a very good one, but Irvin, Aikman, the Moose, Larry Allen and that defense come one! That was one of the strangely played games by the Cowboys in their history.

1997 the Cowboys continued to be harrassed by the press and watched by the NFL front office. after some strange injuries and retirements the Cowboys dynasty was over.

Winning takes a comittment and this machine had been winning for over a decade. Eddie DeBartolo liked winning and wasn't planning to stop, whatever people think of him, he wouldn't go along with this b.s. regardless of how much revenue he could share. but it was Eddie that helped destroy the San Francisco 49ers. The NFL banned him because of ties to gambling, yea right, he should have been suspened and fined but hey banned him because they wanted the 49er dynasty destroyed. if they start losing other NFC west teams can fight for the playoff and that's more revenue. Forced him to give up control of his team Eddie left the 49ers to the NFL executives; if you noticed no former GMs' or coaches from the championship era was allowed or asked to run the team- Eddie was prevented from doing it. although Eddie's sister and brother-in-law own the 49ers the NFL controls it. They will be allowed to win, a little, especially if they build a new stadium so revenue can be shared with other owners and NFL execs.

Debartolo suspention:

Warning to NFL fans for the 2006 NFL season!

The NFL plans to fix games in order to get fans to spend more money in 2006!

The NFL and Fantasy Football Companies are illegally controlling the stats of NFL players and this is one reason so many offensive stars are unhappy. Play fantasy football but understand the players are doing what they are told and not really playing honestly

Large companies like Halliburton are illegally bidding on contracts and have supplied the NFL with millions of dollars and the best marketing and business people to make more profits.

The fixed season and the playoff spot already reserved for the Arizona Cardinals to keep money flowing in that new stadium for years and boost local t.v. ratings in the future also.

NFL blacklisted franchises/ owners- how some owners refused to go along with parity and were punished and other want to make their own profits and are punished. One team is Buffalo I bet you can guess the other two teams.

The FBI working so closely with corrupt NFL executives that they won’t inform the public about any serious threat to the public in order to keep the profits coming in for the NFL and these large corporations.

Why you shouldn’t waste your money gambling on games-because the games are fixed is the obvious one.

Links to other NFL game fixing pages

Profit sharing is driving owners to help destroy the game

12 different Fantasy Football Magazines:,, Street & Smith Fantasy Football, Lindys FF,

Three major video game companies/ the NFL wouldn’t share money with former players so when you play all-time teams like the ’78 Steelers, all the players have different numbers from the real players. EA Sports has the right to use real numbers of former players but NFL doesn’t want to share revenue with these players or their surviving relatives.

Refund of millions of dollars when they pay for new stadiums with private money that will later be charged to the tax payers.

Kick backs, and illegal business assistance from Brown & Root, Halliburton and other large corporations.

Fantasy Football Contest Companies: ESPN, Sporting news, CBS overseas internet companies.

Overseas profits from sales of NFL licensed merchandise.

NFL profit information links:

How the FBI is used to make sure all 32 teams and anyone involved keeps quiet about any embarrassing incident or scam like fixing games and how the press and local police are a part of this system.

My prediction:

The Arizona Cardinals will be playing in a new stadium. the new NFL wants money through revenue sharing. Seattle and St. Louis look like playoff contenders but the NFL is going to move the Cardinals up in the win column to get into the playoffs in order to get fans to spend money and boost local t.v. ratings. I believe there are at least two other teams that the NFL is pushing into the playoffs before the regualr season even starts but the Cardinals are the only ones I can say for sure have a playoff spot already reserved for them.

What you can do

You can talk about it. investigate and tell friends about it. if I'm lying I own the NFL an apology if I'm telling the truth we need to complain to whoever has some power and can help us put up our compaint. even if you just want to drink a beer and watch the game other people love their teams and want to know if the games are being played honestly. the NFL will make millions this year and teams will be asking cities to build them stadiums or be withouth a team. this is the new NFL owners acting like agents and players and fans spending millions on a scam then paying for a new stadium with tax dollars.

tell the league to play honest football, you got the money just let us enjoy the game. Arizona will be in the playoff because the NFL is going to put them there. its irrelevant whether they can do it themselves. millions in revenue will come from the next few years of ticket sales if this team makes it. Edgerin James (Colts) could have signed with a contender or stayed in Indy; this will make Arizona look better team than they may really be, a classic new NFL setup, Arizona makes playoffs fans buy up next years tickets-PSLs like crazy, Cardinals merchandise (that the NFL shares revenue in) goes up the scam starts over in another city when an owner ask cities and counties for a new stadium.

my opinion:

Some people present evidence that there was some game fixing over the years in the NFL. I am saying that over the past five season the whole NFL league has been fixed. I am telling fans to investigate my story and watch out for the things like the Cardinals in the playoffs as evidence of big scam to steal money from fans.

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